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Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index

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2861 Oak extract-mfg
2299 Oakum-mfg
2499 Oars, wood-mfg
0119 Oat farms
2043 Oatmeal (cereal breakfast food)-mfg
2043 Oats, rolled (cereal breakfast food)-mfg
2048 Oats: crimped, pulverized, and rolled: except breakfast food-mfg
5153 Oats-wholesale
5932 Objects of art, antique-retail
3931 Oboes-mfg
7999 Observation tower operation
8011 Obstetricians, offices of
3931 Ocarinas-mfg
8049 Occupational therapists, offices of
1479 Ocher mining
2816 Ochers-mfg
3931 Octophones-mfg
8011 Oculists, offices of
3824 Odometers-mfg
3489 Oerlikon guns-mfg
3061 Off-highway machinery and equipment mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
7999 Off-track betting
8322 Offender rehabilitation agencies
8322 Offender self-help agencies
7373 Office automation, computer systems integration
1542 Office building construction-general contractors
7349 Office cleaning service
2542 Office fixtures, except wood-mfg
2541 Office fixtures, wood-mfg
2522 Office furniture, except wood-mfg
2521 Office furniture, wood-mfg
5021 Office furniture-wholesale
7363 Office help supply service
7359 Office machine rental and leasing, except computers
7629 Office machine repair, electrical: except typewriters, computers, and computer peripheral equipment
8741 Office management services
5112 Office supplies-wholesale
2893 Offset ink-mfg
2621 Offset paper-mitse-mfg
2796 Offset plates, positives or negatives: preparation of-mfg
2752 Offset printing-mfg
3731 Offshore supply boats, building and repairing-mfg
3825 Ohmmeters-mfg
1311 Oil (crude) production
5169 Oil additives-wholesale
3061 Oil and gas field machinery and equipment mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
3533 Oil and gas field machinery and equipment-mfg
6211 Oil and gas lease brokers
4226 Oil and gasoline storage caverns for hire
2077 Oil and meal, fish-mfg
3433 Oil burners, domestic and industrial-mfg
5074 Oil burners-wholesale
3411 Oil cans, metal-mfg
3599 Oil cups, metal-mfg
5169 Oil drilling muds-wholesale
7359 Oil field equipment rental and leasing
1382 Oil field exploration: on a contract basis
3599 Oil filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle-mfg
3714 Oil filters, motor vehicle-mfg
5159 Oil kernels-wholesale
6792 Oil leases, buying and selling on own account
3586 Oil measuring and dispensing pumps-mfg
5159 Oil nuts-wholesale
2851 Oil paints-mfg
3829 Oil pressure gauges, motor vehicle-mfg
6519 Oil properties, lessors of
1629 Oil refinery construction-general contractors
5084 Oil refining machinery, equipment, and supplies-wholesale
6211 Oil royalties, dealers in
6792 Oil royalty companies
1389 Oil sampling service for oil companies on a contract basis
1311 Oil sand mining
3053 Oil seals, asbestos-mfg
3053 Oil seals, leather-mfg
3053 Oil seals, rubber-mfg
1311 Oil shale mining
4959 Oil spill cleanup
2851 Oil stains-mfg
2911 Oil still gas, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3443 Oil storage tanks, metal plate-mfg
2899 Oil treating compounds-mfg
7359 Oil well drilling equipment rental and leasing
1381 Oil well drilling: on a contract basis
1389 Oil well logging on a contract basis
5084 Oil well machinery, equipment, and supplies-wholesale
1389 Oil well rig building, repairing, and dismantling: on a contract basis
5084 Oil well supply houses-wholesale
2911 Oil, acid: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2865 Oil, aniline-mfg
2046 Oil, corn: crude and refined-mfg
2074 Oil, cottonseed-mfg
2865 Oil, creosote: product of coal tar distillation-mfg
2079 Oil, hydrogenated: edible-mfg
2079 Oil, olive-mfg
2079 Oil, partially hydrogenated: edible-mfg
2861 Oil, pine: produced by distillation of pine gum or pine wood-mfg
2899 Oil, red (oleic acid)-mfg
2075 Oil, soybean-mfg
2843 Oil, turkey red-mfg
2079 Oil, vegetable winter stearin-mfg
5093 Oil, waste-wholesale
2295 Oilcloth-mfg
2672 Oiled paper-mfpm-mfg
2077 Oils, animal-mfg
2844 Oils, cosmetic-mfg
2899 Oils, essential-mfg
5199 Oils, except cooking: animal and vegetable-wholesale
2077 Oils, fish and marine animal: e.g., herring, menhaden, whale (refined), sardine-mfg
2077 Oils, fish and marine animal: herring, menhaden, whale (refined), sardine-mfg
2992 Oils, lubricating: re-fining-mfg
2992 Oils, lubricating-mfpm-mfg
2911 Oils, partly refined: sold for rerunning-produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2843 Oils, soluble (textile assistants)-mfg
2843 Oils, sulfonated-mfg
2079 Oils, vegetable (except corn oil) refined: cooking and salad-mfg
2833 Oils, vegetable and animal: medicinal grade-refined and concentrated-mfg
2076 Oils, vegetable: except corn, cottonseed, and soybean-mfg
2861 Oils, wood: product of hardwood distillation-mfg
2911 Oils: fuel, lubricating, and illuminating-produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2865 Oils: light, medium, and heavy: made in chemical plants-mfg
5199 Oilseed cake and meal-wholesale
3556 Oilseed crushing and extracting machinery-mfg
5159 Oilseeds-wholesale
1499 Oilstone quarrying
3291 Oilstones, artificial-mfg
2834 Ointments-mfg
2076 Oiticica oil-mfg
8322 Old age assistance
8361 Old soldiers' homes
2851 Oleate driers-mfg
2824 Olefin fibers-mfg
2899 Oleic acid (red oil)-mfg
2869 Oleic acid esters-mfg
3728 Oleo struts, aircraft-mfg
2819 Oleum (fuming sulfuric acid)-mfg
0179 Olive groves and farms
2079 Olive oil-mfg
2035 Olives, brined: bulk-mfg
2034 Olives, dried-mfg
2033 Olives, including stuffed: canned-mfg
1459 Olivine (nongem) mining
3812 Omnibearing instrumentation-mfg
7375 On-line data base information retrieval services
1521 One-family house construction-general contractors
0161 Onion farms
2035 Onions, pickled-mfg
1429 Onyx marble, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Onyx marble, dimension-quarrying
3211 Opalescent flat glass-mfg
2211 Opaline, cotton-mfg
7833 Open air motion picture theaters
3496 Openers, bottle: made from purchased wire-mfg
7922 Opera companies
3827 Opera glasses-mfg
2353 Opera hats-mfg
7372 Operating systems software, computer: prepackaged
3841 Operating tables-mfg
8742 Operations research consultants
7373 Operations research, computer systems design
1531 Operative builders on own account
6513 Operators of apartment buildings (five or more housing units)
6513 Operators of apartment hotels
6512 Operators of commercial and industrial buildings
6514 Operators of dwellings (four or fewer housing units)
6515 Operators of mobile home sites
6512 Operators of nonresidential buildings
6514 Operators of residential buildings (four or fewer housing units)
6513 Operators of residential hotels
6513 Operators of retirement hotels
3229 Ophthalmic glass, except flat-mfg
3211 Ophthalmic glass, flat-mfg
5048 Ophthalmic goods-wholesale
3841 Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus-mfg
3229 Ophthalmic lens blanks-mfg
3851 Ophthalmic lens grinding, except prescription-mfg
8011 Ophthalmologists, offices of
3841 Ophthalmometers and ophthalmoscopes-mfg
8732 Opinion research, commercial
2833 Opium derivatives-mfg
3827 Optical alignment and display instruments, except photographic-mfg
3827 Optical comparators-mfg
3695 Optical disks and tape, blank-mfg
3229 Optical glass blanks-mfg
3211 Optical glass, flat-mfg
5995 Optical goods-retail
3851 Optical grinding service for the trade-mfg
3674 Optical isolators-mfg
3229 Optical lens blanks-mfg
3559 Optical lens machinery-mfg
3577 Optical readers and scanners-mfg
7374 Optical scanning data service
3577 Optical scanning devices, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3572 Optical storage devices for computers-mfg
3827 Optical test and inspection equipment-mfg
5995 Opticians-retail
6211 Option dealers, stock
6231 Option exchanges, stock
3841 Optometers-mfg
5048 Optometric equipment and supplies-wholesale
8042 Optometrists, offices and clinics of
8021 Oral pathologists, offices of
0174 Orange groves and farms
2899 Orange oil-mfg
0721 Orchard cultivation services
0762 Orchard management and maintenance, with or without crop services
**** Orchards-see type of orchard
7929 Orchestras
5961 Order taking offices of mail-order houses-retail
3462 Ordnance forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463 Ordnance forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3569 Ordnance testing chambers-mfg
3532 Ore and aggregate feeders-mfg
3532 Ore crushing, washing, screening, and loading machinery-mfg
3429 Organ hardware-mfg
3931 Organ parts and materials, except organ hardware-mfg
7699 Organ tuning and repair
2211 Organdy, cotton-mfg
2869 Organic acid esters-mfg
2869 Organic chemicals, acyclic-mfg
5169 Organic chemicals, synthetic-wholesale
2865 Organic colors, full strength-mfg
2824 Organic fibers, synthetic: except cellulosic-mfg
2833 Organic medicinal chemicals: bulk-mfg
2865 Organic pigments (lakes and toners)-mfg
3089 Organizers for closets, drawers, and shelves: plastics-mfg
3931 Organs, all types: e.g., pipe, reed, hand, street, barrel, electronic, player-mfg
2493 Oriented strandboard-mfg
3446 Ornamental and architectural metalwork-mfg
3299 Ornamental and architectural plaster work: e.g., mantels and columns-mfg
0783 Ornamental bush planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
1799 Ornamental metalwork-contractors
0783 Ornamental tree planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
2431 Ornamental woodwork: e.g., cornices and mantels-mfg
3231 Ornamented glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3999 Ornaments, Christmas tree: except glass and electric-mfg
3229 Ornaments, Christmas tree: glass-mitse-mfg
3231 Ornaments, Christmas tree: made from purchased glass-mfg
3699 Ornaments, Christmas tree: electric-mfg
3961 Ornaments, costume: except precious metal and gems-mfg
3131 Ornaments, shoe-mfg
8361 Orphanages
2899 Orris oil-mfg
2865 Orthodichlorobenzene-mfg
8072 Orthodontic appliances made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
3843 Orthodontic appliances-mfg
8021 Orthodontists, offices of
5999 Orthopedic and artificial limb stores-retail
3842 Orthopedic devices and materials-mfg
5047 Orthopedic equipment-wholesale
3842 Orthopedic hosiery, elastic-mfg
8069 Orthopedic hospitals
8011 Orthopedic physicians, offices of
3275 Orthopedic plaster, gypsum-mfg
3149 Orthopedic shoes, children's: except extension shoes-mfg
3842 Orthopedic shoes, extension-mfg
3143 Orthopedic shoes, men's: except extension shoes-mfg
3144 Orthopedic shoes, women's: except extension shoes-mfg
3069 Orthopedic sundries, molded rubber-mfg
3825 Oscillators, audiofrequency and radiofrequency (instrument types)-mfg
3679 Oscillators, except laboratory type-mfg
3825 Oscillographs and oscilloscopes-mfg
1099 Osmium ore mining
3826 Osmometers-mfg
2211 Osnaburgs-mfg
2899 Ossein-mfg
8031 Osteopathic physicians, offices and clinics of
8099 Osteoperosis centers
3999 Ostrich feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating for the trade-mfg
3845 Otoscopes, electromedical-mfg
3841 Otoscopes, except electromedical-mfg
5551 Outboard motor dealers-retail
3699 Outboard motors, electric-mfg
3519 Outboard motors, except electric-mfg
5091 Outboard motors-wholesale
7312 Outdoor advertising service
5712 Outdoor furniture-retail
2253 Outerwear handknitted: for the trade-mfg
5136 Outerwear, men's and boys'-wholesale
5137 Outerwear: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2211 Outing flannel, cotton-mfg
3644 Outlet boxes (electric wiring devices)-mfg
3643 Outlets, convenience: electric-mfg
8093 Outpatient detoxification centers
8093 Outpatient mental health clinics
8093 Outpatient treatment clinics for alcoholism and drug addiction
8322 Outreach programs
1629 Oven construction for industrial plants-general contractors
1629 Oven construction, bakers'-general contractors
3822 Oven temperature controls, nonindustrial-mfg
3556 Ovens, bakery-mfg
3589 Ovens, cafeteria food warming: portable-mfg
3631 Ovens, household: excluding portable appliances other than microwave and convection-mfg
3634 Ovens, household: portable: except microwave and convection ovens-mfg
3567 Ovens, industrial process: except bakery-mfg
3821 Ovens, laboratory-mfg
3589 Ovens, microwave (cooking equipment): commercial-mfg
5046 Ovens, microwave: commercial-wholesale
5064 Ovens, microwave: household-wholesale
3567 Ovens, sherardizing-mfg
3569 Ovens, surveillance: for aging and testing powder-mfg
3229 Ovenware, glass-mfg
3089 Ovenware, plastics-mfg
4213 Over-the-road trucking
2326 Overall jackets: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2326 Overalls, work: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
1241 Overburden removal for bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
1081 Overburden removal for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481 Overburden removal for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
2231 Overcoatings: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
5136 Overcoats, men's and boys'-wholesale
2311 Overcoats: men's and boys'-mfg
3535 Overhead conveyor systems for general industrial use-mfg
1622 Overpass construction-general contractors
2262 Overprinting manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabric-mfg
3021 Overshoes, plastics-mfg
3021 Overshoes, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
2833 Ox bile salts and derivatives: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2869 Oxalates-mfg
2869 Oxalic acid and metallic salts-mfg
2211 Oxfords (cotton fabrics)-mfg
2819 Oxidation catalyst made from porcelain-mfg
2899 Oxidizers, inorganic-mfg
3728 Oxygen systems for aircraft-mfg
8099 Oxygen tent service
3841 Oxygen tents-mfg
2813 Oxygen, compressed and liquefied-mfg
5812 Oyster bars
0913 Oyster beds
2048 Oyster shells, ground: used as feed for animals and fowls-mfg
2091 Oysters, canned and cured-mfg
0913 Oysters, dredging or tonging of
2092 Oysters, fresh: shucking and packing in nonsealed containers-mfg
1499 Ozokerite mining
3559 Ozone machines-mfg

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