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Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index

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2822 EPDM polymers-mfg
3842 Ear stoppers-mfg
7353 Earth moving equipment rental and leasing
1629 Earth moving, not connected with building construction-general contractors
1794 Earth moving-contractors
3269 Earthenware table and kitchen articles, coarse-mfg
3263 Earthenware: commercial and household-semivitreous-mfg
2048 Earthworm food and bedding-mfg
0279 Earthworm hatcheries
3952 Easels, artists'-mfg
2771 Easter cards, except hand painted-mfg
5113 Eating utensils: forks, knives, spoons-disposable plastics-wholesale
3444 Eaves, sheet metal-mfg
3281 Ecclesiastical statuary, marble-mfg
3299 Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier-mache-factory production only-mfg
3914 Ecclesiastical ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
8748 Economic consulting
9611 Economic development agencies-government
8732 Economic research, commercial
8733 Economic research, noncommercial
3443 Economizers (boilers)-mfg
6082 Edge Act Corporations
3423 Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.-mfg
2789 Edging books, cards, or paper-mfg
2258 Edgings, lace-mfg
3861 Editing equipment, motion picture: rewinds, viewers, titlers, and splicers-mfg
7819 Editing of motion picture film
7338 Editing service
9411 Education offices, nonoperating
9411 Education statistics centers-government
8748 Educational consulting, except management
7812 Educational motion picture production
8732 Educational research, commercial
8733 Educational research, noncommercial
6732 Educational trusts, management of
0912 Eels, catching of
2834 Effervescent salts-mfg
2015 Egg albumen-mfg
2675 Egg cartons, die-cut paper and paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2679 Egg cartons, molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
2679 Egg case filler flats, molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
2675 Egg case fillers and flats, die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfg
2441 Egg cases, wood-mfg
3634 Egg cookers, electric-mfg
5499 Egg dealers-retail
0252 Egg farms, chicken
0259 Egg farms, poultry: except chicken and turkey
0253 Egg farms, turkey
0254 Egg hatcheries, poultry
2015 Egg substitutes made from eggs-mfg
2085 Eggnog, alcoholic-mfg
2023 Eggnog, canned: nonalcoholic-mfg
2026 Eggnog, fresh: nonalcoholic-mfg
2015 Eggs: canned, dehydrated, desiccated, frozen, and processed-mfg
5144 Eggs: cleaning, oil treating, packing, and grading-wholesale
2015 Eggs: drying, freezing, and breaking-mfg
5144 Eggs-wholesale
3825 Elapsed time meters, electronic-mfg
2211 Elastic fabrics, cotton: more than 12 inches in width-mfg
2221 Elastic fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: more than 12 inches in width-mfg
2259 Elastic girdle blanks-mitse-mfg
3842 Elastic hosiery, orthopedic-mfg
3542 Elastic membrane metal forming machines-mfg
2241 Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braided-mfg
2241 Elastic webbing-mfg
2824 Elastomeric fibers-mfg
2821 Elastomers, nonvulcanizable (plastics)-mfg
2822 Elastomers, vulcanizable (synthetic rubber)-mfg
3444 Elbows for conductor pipe, hot air ducts, and stovepipe: sheet metal-mfg
3494 Elbows, pipe: except pressure and soil pipe-metal-mfg
3321 Elbows, pipe: pressure and soil pipe-cast iron-mfg
3822 Electric air cleaner controls, automatic-mfg
3823 Electric and electronic controllers, industrial process type-mfg
4931 Electric and other services combined (electric less than 95 percent of total)
7629 Electric appliance repair
5064 Electric appliances, household-wholesale
3585 Electric comfort heating equipment-mfg
3699 Electric fence chargers-mfg
3612 Electric furnace transformers-mfg
3822 Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls-mfg
5722 Electric household appliance stores-retail
5064 Electric housewares and household fans-wholesale
2241 Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plastic-mfg
5064 Electric irons-wholesale
3641 Electric lamp (bulb) parts-mfg
3641 Electric lamps-mfg
3641 Electric light bulbs, complete-mfg
7694 Electric motor repair
3931 Electric musical instruments-mfg
4911 Electric power generation, transmission, or distribution
1623 Electric power line construction-general contractors
4011 Electric railroads, line-haul operating
5064 Electric ranges-wholesale
7629 Electric razor repair
5999 Electric razor shops-retail
5064 Electric razors-wholesale
3559 Electric screening equipment-mfg
3822 Electric space heater controls, automatic-mfg
3634 Electric space heaters-mfg
7629 Electric tool repair
3585 Electric warm air furnaces-mfg
5064 Electric washing machines-wholesale
5013 Electrical automobile engine testing equipment-wholesale
5063 Electrical construction materials-wholesale
3541 Electrical discharge erosion machines-mfg
3541 Electrical discharge grinding machines-mfg
3599 Electrical discharge machining (EDM)-mfg
5063 Electrical generators-wholesale
3229 Electrical insulators, glass-mfg
3264 Electrical insulators: pin, suspension, switch, and bus type-porcelain-mfg
7629 Electrical measuring instrument repair and calibration
3825 Electrical power measuring equipment-mfg
1731 Electrical repair at site of construction-contractors
7629 Electrical repair shops, except radio, television, and refrigerator repair
7539 Electrical service, automotive (battery and ignition repair)
3993 Electrical signs and advertising displays-mfg
1731 Electrical work-contractors
3069 Electricians' gloves, rubber-mfg
3845 Electrocardiographs-mfg
3799 Electrocars for transporting golfers-mfg
3629 Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)-mfg
3541 Electrochemical milling machines-mfg
3548 Electrode holders for electric welding apparatus-mfg
3624 Electrodes for thermal and electrolytic uses, carbon and graphite-mfg
3823 Electrodes used in industrial process measurement-mfg
3641 Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp-mfg
3548 Electrodes, electric welding-mfg
3845 Electroencephalographs-mfg
3542 Electroforming machines-mfg
3829 Electrogamma ray loggers-mfg
3845 Electrogastrograph-mfg
3492 Electrohydraulic servo valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3471 Electrolizing steel, for the trade-mfg
7299 Electrolysis (hair removal)
2835 Electrolyte diagnostic reagents-mfg
3823 Electrolytic conductivity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826 Electrolytic conductivity instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3541 Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools-mfg
3625 Electromagnetic brakes and clutches-mfg
3824 Electromechanical counters-mfg
3845 Electromedical apparatus-mfg
5047 Electromedical equipment-wholesale
3845 Electromyographs-mfg
3671 Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubes-mfg
3699 Electron beam metal cutting, forming, and welding machines-mfg
3699 Electron linear accelerators-mfg
3826 Electron microprobes-mfg
3826 Electron microscopes-mfg
3826 Electron paramagnetic spin type apparatus-mfg
3559 Electron tube making machinery-mfg
3671 Electron tube parts, except glass blanks: bases, getters, and guns-mfg
3825 Electron tube test equipment-mfg
3671 Electron tubes-mfg
3541 Electron-discharge metal cutting machine tools-mfg
5065 Electronic coils and transformers-wholesale
3577 Electronic computer subassembly for film reader and phototheodolite-mfg
5065 Electronic connectors-wholesale
1731 Electronic control system installation-contractors
3469 Electronic enclosures: stamped or pressed-mfg
7359 Electronic equipment rental and leasing, except medical and computer equipment
7629 Electronic equipment repair, except computers and computer peripheral equipment
6099 Electronic funds transfer networks, including switching
3944 Electronic game machines, except coin-operated-mfg
3651 Electronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets, and phonograph equipment-mfg
4822 Electronic mail services
3931 Electronic musical instruments-mfg
5065 Electronic parts-wholesale
3825 Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristics-mfg
3824 Electronic totalizing counters-mfg
3944 Electronic toys-mfg
5065 Electronic tubes: receiving, transmitting, and industrial-wholesale
3826 Electrophoresis instruments-mfg
3559 Electroplating machinery and equipment, except rolling mill lines-mfg
3471 Electroplating of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
1721 Electrostatic painting on site (including of lockers and fixtures)-contractors
3699 Electrostatic particle accelerators-mfg
3564 Electrostatic precipitators-mfg
3641 Electrotherapeutic lamp units for ultraviolet and infrared radiation-mfg
3845 Electrotherapy unit-mfg
2796 Electrotype plates-mfg
2796 Electrotyping for the trade-mfg
3555 Electrotyping machines-mfg
3826 Elemental analyzers (CHNOS)-mfg
8211 Elementary schools
2879 Elements, minor or trace (agricultural chemicals)-mfg
1622 Elevated highway construction-general contractors
4111 Elevated railway operation
1791 Elevator front installation, metal-contractors
3534 Elevator fronts-mfg
3446 Elevator guide rails, metal-mfg
1796 Elevator installation, conversion, and repair-contractors
3534 Elevators and elevator equipment, passenger and freight-mfg
3728 Elevators, aircraft-mfg
3523 Elevators, farm-mfg
4221 Elevators, grain: storage only
3534 Elevators, powered: nonfarm-mfg
5084 Elevators-wholesale
9721 Embassies
2395 Emblems, embroidered-mfg
2399 Emblems, made from fabrics-mfg
3199 Embossed leather goods for the trade-mfg
2261 Embossing cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269 Embossing linen broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3579 Embossing machines for store and office use-mfg
2262 Embossing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2789 Embossing of books-mfg
3111 Embossing of leather-mfg
2759 Embossing on paper-mfg
2796 Embossing plates for printing-mfg
2397 Embroideries, Schiffli machine-mfg
2395 Embroideries: metallic, beaded, and sequined-mfg
7389 Embroidering of advertising on shirts, etc.
3999 Embroidery kits-mfg
3552 Embroidery machines-mfg
2395 Embroidery products, except Schiffli machine-mfg
2284 Embroidery thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
2281 Embroidery yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
9229 Emergency management offices-government
8322 Emergency shelters
3291 Emery abrasives-mfg
1499 Emery mining
7549 Emissions testing service, automotive: without repair
3728 Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts, aircraft-mfg
7363 Employee leasing service
8631 Employees' associations for improvement of wages and working conditions
7361 Employment agencies, except theatrical and motion picture
7819 Employment agencies, motion picture
7922 Employment agencies: theatrical, radio, and television-except motion picture
2843 Emulsifiers, except food and pharmaceutical-mfg
2834 Emulsifiers, fluorescent inspection-mfg
2099 Emulsifiers, food-mfg
2834 Emulsions, pharmaceutical-mfg
1446 Enamel sand mining
3253 Enamel tile, floor and wall: clay-mfg
3231 Enameled glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
2672 Enameled paper-mfpm-mfg
5031 Enameled tileboard (hardboard)-wholesale
3479 Enameling (including porcelain) of metal products, for the trade-mfg
3567 Enameling ovens-mfg
3952 Enamels, china painting-mfg
3843 Enamels, dentists'-mfg
2851 Enamels, except dental and china painting-mfg
5198 Enamels-wholesale
5719 Enamelware stores-retail
2032 Enchiladas, canned-mfg
3269 Encrusting gold, silver, or other metal on china, for the trade-mfg
3231 Encrusting gold, silver, or other metals on glass products: made from purchased glass-mfg
3663 Encryption devices-mfg
5963 Encyclopedias, house-to-house selling-retail
2511 End tables, wood-mfg
2833 Endocrine products-mfg
8021 Endodontists, offices of
3845 Endoscopic equipment, electromedical: e.g., bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, and colonoscopes-mfg
3822 Energy cutoff controls, residential and commercial types-mfg
9611 Energy development and conservation agencies-nonoperating
3825 Energy measuring equipment, electrical-mfg
3463 Engine and turbine forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
5013 Engine electrical equipment, automotive-wholesale
3462 Engine forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3724 Engine heaters, aircraft-mfg
3724 Engine mount parts, aircraft-mfg
3724 Engine pumps, aircraft-mfg
7538 Engine repair, automotive
7699 Engine repair, except automotive
7538 Engine repair, truck: except industrial
3537 Engine stands and racks, metal-mfg
5013 Engine testing equipment, automobile: electrical-wholesale
8621 Engineering associations
7363 Engineering job shops (temporary employees)
8731 Engineering laboratories, commercial research: except testing
8712 Engineering services: architectural
8711 Engineering services: industrial, civil, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, marine, and design
8713 Engineering services: photogrammetric
5049 Engineers' equipment and supplies-wholesale
3724 Engines and engine parts, aircraft: internal combustion and jet propulsion-mfg
3764 Engines and engine parts, guided missile-mfg
3519 Engines and engine parts, internal combustion- military tank-mfg
5084 Engines and parts, diesel-wholesale
3714 Engines and parts, except diesel: motor vehicle-mfg
3519 Engines, internal combustion: except aircraft and nondiesel automotive-mfg
3944 Engines, miniature-mfg
3743 Engines, steam (locomotives)-mfg
3511 Engines, steam: except locomotives-mfg
3519 Engines: diesel and semidiesel and dual fuel-except aircraft-mfg
0161 English pea farms
3231 Engraved glassware-mfg
3423 Engravers' tools, hand-mfg
3479 Engraving jewelry, silverware, and metal for the trade: except printing-mfg
3555 Engraving machinery and equipment (printing trades machinery)-mfg
2759 Engraving of cards, except greeting cards-mfg
3089 Engraving of plastics-mfg
2796 Engraving on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes-mfg
2796 Engraving on textile printing plates and cylinders-mfg
2796 Engraving, steel line: for printing purposes-mfg
7389 Engrossing, e.g., diplomas and resolutions
3861 Enlargers, photographic-mfg
2335 Ensemble dresses: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3523 Ensilage blowers and cutters-mfg
7929 Entertainers
7929 Entertainment groups
0721 Entomological service, agricultural
8999 Entomologists, consulting: not with business service laboratories
3555 Envelope printing presses-mfg
3579 Envelope stuffing, sealing, and addressing machines-mfg
2677 Envelopes, printed or unprinted: paper, glassine, cellophane, and pliofilm-mfpm-mfg
2759 Envelopes, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Envelopes: gravure printing-mfg
5112 Envelopes-wholesale
9431 Environmental health programs-government
9511 Environmental protection agencies-government
9511 Environmental quality and control agencies-government
2835 Enzyme and isoenzyme diagnostic reagents-mfg
2869 Enzymes, except diagnostic substances-mfg
2865 Eosine toners-mfg
2833 Ephedrine and derivatives-mfg
2821 Epichlorohydrin bisphenol-mfg
2821 Epichlorohydrin diphenol-mfg
2822 Epichlorohydrin elastomers-mfg
2891 Epoxy adhesives-mfg
1799 Epoxy application-contractors
2851 Epoxy coatings, made from purchased resin-mfg
2821 Epoxy resins-mfg
9441 Equal employment opportunity offices-government
3952 Eraser guides and shields-mfg
3069 Erasers: rubber, or rubber and abrasive combined-mfg
1389 Erecting lease tanks, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
1799 Erection and dismantling of forms for poured concrete-contractors
3944 Erector sets, toy-mfg
2833 Ergot alkaloids-mfg
3534 Escalators, passenger and freight-mfg
7299 Escort service
6531 Escrow agents, real estate
6099 Escrow institutions other than real estate
2899 Essential oils-mfg
5169 Essential oils-wholesale
2822 Estane-mfg
8811 Estates, private
2821 Ester gum-mfg
2869 Esters of phosphoric, adipic, lauric, oleic, sebacic, and stearic acids-mfg
2869 Esters of phthalic anhydride-mfg
2869 Esters of polyhydric alcohols-mfg
0851 Estimating timber
3555 Etching machines (printing trades machinery)-mfg
2796 Etching on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes-mfg
3479 Etching on metals for purposes other than printing-mfg
3479 Etching: photochemical, for the trade-mfg
1321 Ethane (natural) production
2869 Ethanol, industrial-mfg
2869 Ether-mfg
2861 Ethyl acetate, natural-mfg
2869 Ethyl acetate, synthetic-mfg
2085 Ethyl alcohol for medicinal and beverage purposes-mfg
2869 Ethyl alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)-mfg
2869 Ethyl butyrate-mfg
2821 Ethyl cellulose plastics-mfg
2869 Ethyl cellulose, unplasticized-mfg
2869 Ethyl chloride-mfg
2869 Ethyl ether-mfg
2869 Ethyl formate-mfg
2869 Ethyl nitrite-mfg
2869 Ethyl perhydrophenanthrene-mfg
2865 Ethylbenzene-mfg
2899 Ethylene glycol antifreeze preparations-mfg
2869 Ethylene glycol ether-mfg
2869 Ethylene glycol-mfg
2869 Ethylene glycol, inhibited-mfg
2869 Ethylene oxide-mfg
2869 Ethylene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2911 Ethylene, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2822 Ethylene-propylene rubbers-mfg
2821 Ethylene-vinyl acetate resins-mfg
2899 Eucalyptus oil-mfg
2023 Evaporated milk-mfg
3821 Evaporation apparatus, laboratory type-mfg
3829 Evaporation meters-mfg
3585 Evaporative condensers (heat transfer equipment)-mfg
3443 Evaporators (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
5082 Excavating machinery and equipment-wholesale
1389 Excavating slush pits and cellars on a contract basis
1794 Excavation work-contractors
3531 Excavators: e.g., cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, power shovel-mfg
2429 Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: wood-mfg
2679 Excelsior, paper-mfpm-mfg
6289 Exchange clearinghouses, commodity
6289 Exchange clearinghouses, security
3443 Exchangers, heat: industrial, scientific, and nuclear-mfg
6231 Exchanges, commodity contract
6231 Exchanges, security
3621 Exciter assemblies, motor and generator-mfg
4489 Excursion boat operations
7361 Executive placing services
5941 Exercise apparatus-retail
3949 Exercise cycles-mfg
7991 Exercise salons
3949 Exercising machines-mfg
3564 Exhaust fans, except household and kitchen-mfg
7533 Exhaust system services, automotive
3714 Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
3724 Exhaust systems, aircraft-mfg
7999 Exhibition operation
3999 Exhibits and slides for classroom use, preparation of-mfg
7389 Exhibits, building of: by industrial contractors
2899 Exothermics for metal industries-mfg
3111 Exotic leathers-mfg
3441 Expansion joints (structural shapes): iron and steel-mfg
1081 Exploration for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481 Exploration for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
1382 Exploration, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
2892 Explosive cartridges for concussion forming of metal-mfg
2892 Explosive compounds-mfg
2892 Explosives-mfg
5169 Explosives, all kinds except ammunition and fireworks-wholesale
6111 Export-Import Bank
7999 Exposition operation
3861 Exposure meters, photographic-mfg
2211 Express stripes, cotton-mfg
3944 Express wagons, children's-mfg
8051 Extended care facilities
3699 Extension cords, made from purchased insulated wire-mfg
2499 Extension planks, wood-mfg
3842 Extension shoes, orthopedic-mfg
2879 Exterminating products, for household and industrial use-mfg
7342 Exterminating service
3724 External power units, aircraft: for hand-inertia starters-mfg
3999 Extinguishers, fire: portable-mfg
2082 Extract, malt-mfg
3582 Extractors and driers, commercial laundry-mfg
3531 Extractors, piling-mfg
2834 Extracts of botanicals: powdered, pilular, solid, and fluid, except diagnostics-mfg
2861 Extracts, dyeing and tanning: natural-mfg
3354 Extruded shapes, aluminum-mfg
3351 Extruded shapes, copper and copper alloy-mfg
3356 Extruded shapes, nonferrous metals and alloys, except copper and aluminum-mfg
3542 Extruding machines (machine tools), metal-mfg
3544 Extrusion dies-mfg
3355 Extrusion ingot, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
3334 Extrusion ingot, aluminum: primary-mfg
3841 Eye examining instruments and apparatus-mfg
8069 Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospitals: in-patient
3172 Eyeglass cases, regardless of material-mfg
3851 Eyeglasses, lenses, and frames-mfg
2395 Eyelet making, for the trade-mfg
3965 Eyelets, metal: for clothing, fabrics, boots and shoes, and paper-mfg
3851 Eyes, glass and plastics-mfg

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