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The United States Government operates an In Country Refugee Program in Cuba.

Beginning this year, eligibility criteria for the refugee program has been expanded.

Cubans who may apply for refugee interviews in Havana include; former political prisoners, members of persecuted religious minorities, human rights activists, forced labor conscripts during the period 1965 through 1988, persons deprived of their profession, harsh discriminatory treatment resulting from their perceived or actual political or religious beliefs, and others who appear to have a credible claim, that they will face persecution as defined in the United Nations refugee convention.

Person's previously ineligible for a refugee interview under the old criteria, may now qualify for consideration.

Any Cuban who believes he or she qualifies for the refugee program should contact the United States Interest Section (USINT), in Havana.

The spouses and minor unmarried children of refugees may also enter the United States in refugee status.

In addition the following family members of persons granted refugee status can apply for parole into the Untied States.

Family members who reside in the same household and are part of the same economic unit, as the refugee and unmarried sons and daughters regardless of age, or place of residence.

U.S. government representatives have provided information on the In Country Refugee Program to Cubans in safe havens.

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