Parole to Individuals on the Immigration Preference Visa Waiting List as of 9-Sep-1994

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Under the September 9, 1994 Migration Agreement with the Government of Cuba, the US agreed to an exceptional one time parole of certain Cubans on the Immigrant Preference Vias Waiting List, who reside in Cuba.

Individuals on the waiting list are those who have had relative petitions approved on their behalf and are waiting for visa numbers to become available.

Cubans on the waiting list as of September 9, whose Visa will not become current this year, will be eligible to apply for parole to come to the US.

After one year in the US, parolees will be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Non-current Visa applicants will be notified of their eligibility for parole consideration by mail.

Notification will be sent to their last known address in Cuba, no later than the end of the calendar year.

Visa issuance is controlled by the Department of State Visa Office at 202-663-1541.

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