Special Cuban Migration Program

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This program will give any Cuban in Cuba an opportunity to apply for legal migration to the US.

The program will be available to Cubans regardless whether they have direct family ties to the US.

To be eligible, persons must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Cuba.

Persons who apply to the program should be able to answer yes to two of the following five questions.

1. Have they completed secondary school or higher level of education?

2. Do they have three years of working experience

3. Do they have job skills?

4. Do they have family ties in the US?

5. Did they show interest in emigrating to the US before October 1, 1994?

To apply, individuals should mail or deliver an empty envelope to the:

US Interest Section in HAVANA,

P.O. Box 6831

Havana 2

Havana, Cuba.

On the outside of the envelope, in the upper left hand corner, applicants must print their name, address, cuban identification number, marital status, and number of unmarried children under 21.

Only envelopes delivered to the Interest section or post marked in Cuba between November 15th and December 31, 1994 will be accepted.

Persons who submit multiple entries will be disqualified.

There is no fee to apply. Envelope entries will be selected by random drawing 4 times a year.

Individuals selected will be notified by the US Interest section of their interview dates.

Persons determined to be qualified for the special Cuban migration program will be allowed to bring their spouses and minor children with them.

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